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Chandeliers and Murano glassware

The E-commerce section, which originates from a passion for Murano glass and is designed to promote its valuable creations worldwide, offers a vast catalogue of Murano glass products, such as Chandeliers, created by leading Master glassblowers, whose experience and creative flair combine to form pieces of extraordinary value and originality. These unique, unrepeatable, handmade products are the fruit of an ancient art masterfully passed down from one generation to the next, the upholders of a millennia-old history. Best Murano is the easy, fast and secure way to purchase products. Best Murano also offers a full customer service that can be contacted for any clarification required. The catalogue not only contains historical and cultural information on Murano and its history, but also information and video footage on the Master Glassblowers. Murano dedicates to William and Kate.

Luce Vetro by Cecilia Cenedese »Fabiano Amadi
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